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UniMail 4.0

UniMail 4.0 is our state of the art mailroom control system.

With this system, we upgrade and modernize existing production equipment, ensuring that our customers are provided with flexible and cost-effective solutions for tracking, production and distribution. 

UniMail 4.0 consists of three modules:


UniStack is a universal stacker control system. The solution has the following standard functions:


  • Line Controller

  • Gripper release control

  • Ink-jet printing of copies on stacker in-feed belt or in the gripper

  • Stacker control for producing bundles as designated by production files

  • Top-sheet printing and application

  • Top-sheet design module


UniLoad is a comprehensive solution for managing bundle flow from stacker lines to trucks. The solution includes the following features:


  • Start/stop of conveyor loading with bundle jam detection

  • Traffic control for bundles entering main loading conveyor from stacker lines

  • Barcode scanning and identification of bundles without barcode

  • Bundle tracking and delivery to the correct vehicle

  • Sign-in/out for drivers and vehicles

  • Software for public displays with loading status for each dock


UniTrack provides real-time production overview and copy flow analysis. The solution includes the following features:


  • Tracking of copies from folders throughout the mailroom – waste, inserting, stackers, storage and end-stations

  • Print-stop message or recommendation through accurate inspection of produced copies.

Overview from two conveyors producing the Swedish newspapers Oskarshamns Tidningen and Kristianstadsbladet. 653 and 533 newspapers are waste, 7800 and 6900 have got inserts and 22247 and 15464 have been addressed by inkjet, respectively.

The loading ramp. Large monitors allow the drivers to see everything they need to know about the number of bundles that must be loaded into the lorries – and when. 935 Lammhult is the route in production.

An overview of production. The system helps production save paper and the environment, and prevents overruns. 

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